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The Greeks subscribe to dining as more than just consumption of food. Eating dinners is as important as sharing a table, good company and good conversation. They call it the paraia, or the entirety of the dining experience that includes the food, the table, the company and the ambience. Around the world, Greeks food are well known as much as their appetite for hearty meals and great company.

Here are some of the world famous signature Greek dishes.


Magiritsa – This is a special occasion soup traditionally served on Easter dinners. The lemon flavored soup is a combination of lamb offal, chicken and vegetables and thickened with eggs and rice.

Magiritsa – This is a special occasion soup traditionally served on Easter dinners. The lemon flavored soup is a combination of lamb offal, chicken and vegetables and thickened with eggs and rice.

Fakes – Greeks consider this lentil soup a daily staple. It is served with vinegar, smoked herring and olives.

Fasolada – This one of the traditional and signature dish of Greece. It’s a bean soup with celery, tomatoes and carrots with a generous addition of olive oil.

Kakavia – This is a traditional fish stew where any variety of fish and seafood are added to the soup base with lots of vegetables and olive oil.

Vegetable Dishes

Aginares ala Polita – Artichokes cooked with olive oil.

Briam – A combination of fresh vegetables baked with olive oil and select herbs and seasonings. This dish usually includes onions, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes and zucchini.

Yigades Plaki – Baked beans with herbs, spices and tomato sauce. The dish is usually added vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, garlic and onions.

Yemista – These are stuffed and baked vegetables. Potatoes, peppers and other vegetables are hollowed out and filled with spiced rice.

Spanakorizo – This is a well loved dish of rice and spinach cooked with olive oil sauce and flavored with lemon.

Meat Dishes

Muossaka – This is a famous Greek casserole made of lamb meat, eggplants, tomatoes and sometimes zucchini or rice and toped with cheese.

Stifatho – This is a classic Greek dish. The beef stew includes onions, tomatoes, wine, herbs and spices including cinnamon.

Souvlaki – This is the Greek version of the kebabs. Small pieces of meat flavored with oregano, pepper, oil, salt and lemon are skewered together with vegetable slices and grilled to cook.

Ameletita – Considered a delicacy and only for the brave. This dish is actually lamb’s testicles seasoned and grilled to cook.

Bekri Meze – This is an appetizer dish made of beef, diced and marinated in olive oil, wine, cinnamon, cloves and bay leaves, and then cooked slowly until tender.

Sweets and Desserts

Baklava – This is Greece’s favorite dessert. The sweet and scrumptious dessert is made of layers of phyllo pastry, filled with nuts sweetened with syrup.

Kourabiedes – These are special cookies usually served in Christmas dinners. The small round cookies are made with kneaded flour and butter, sprinkled with roasted nuts and rolled into powdered sugar.

Loukoumades – These are fried bread similar to the Western donuts, but instead of holes, the dough is round shaped. It is sweetened with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Yiaourti Me Meli – This is a delicate blend of honey and yogurt.

Bougatsa – This is another baked dessert that uses the phyllo pastry as base. The layers are filled with custard, meat or cheese.


Here are some of famour Greek cheeses, usually served with fruits or sprinkled on dishes.

Feta – Salty and white, this cheese is made from goat or ewe milk.

Manouri – Made from goat or sheep milk, this cheese is semi soft and white.

Graviera – Mild flavored and hard, this cheese is often used for grating or table cheese.

Kefalotyri – This cheese has very strong flavors and usually appears yellow in color.

Kasseri – This is made from unpasteurized sheep milk.


Wine – Usually served in every meal, wines are also incorporated into many dishes.

Retsina – As indicated by its name, this is a resin flavored white wine. But unlike other wines, retsina is not aged.

Ouzo – This is a potent, usually 80-proof anise flavored alcoholic drink that has a clear appearance but turns milky when added with water or ice.

Metaxa – Sweet brandy.

Greek Coffee – Greek coffee are sweet, thick and strong. You can find sediments in your cup as it is served unfiltered.

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